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Advantages of Brand Ambassadors

Who Are Brand Ambassadors?

They are Individuals that Stand For a Brands Culture   
A Brand ambassador is an Influencer who’s tried a product and loves it -- loves it enough to say amazing things about it. Not a paid Sponsor, but as a Brand Ambassador. 

They Generally have a highly engaged audience of between 40k to 100K.

They communicate well with their audience

Their audience often comments about the products they are seeing within the Influencers platform.

Are you that Influencer?

Being a Brand Ambassador you can facilitate the eCommerce connection from your audience to your favourite Brand. While earning a % (commission) of every immediate purchase made via your posts!  

Brand Ambassador's

Create Stunning Campaigns that engage your community  
Work Closely with your favourite Brand to produce a stunning campaign that is connected directly via the Brands Digital Kiosk. 

This give you the power to earn a direct percentage of sale for your efforts..  

The more sales you make the more you earn. 

Win Win for YOU and the BRAND. 


How it works
1. Do Brands need to log into my Social Media Accounts? NO

2. How is the shopping connection made with the Ambassador? Ambassadors would link their either their Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest account to the Brand approved digital kiosk.

3. How do I know if someone has clicked on my tagged shopping post? Via Promotional insights in Instagram. See stats on the amount of times the products were viewed and how many times the link to purchase was clicked.

4. Do the brands see this information? Only when you show them.

5. How do Ambassadors get earn a percentage on the campaign ? Ambassadors are paid via the Brand an agreed % on the total amount directly purchased via each campaign. 
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